Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are you interested in “changing the world?”

Probably not. I mean, where do you start? The mind reels and returns to its routines.
But, what if you could be set free from your mortgage-paying day job, and be connected to a powerful institution impacting people in the world like this? :
  • Working within organizations to provide effective biblical counseling to a large swath of confused, hurting, American Christians.
  • Establishing 20 Crisis Pregnancy Centers in your city -- rather than the one struggling Center downtown.
  • Stirring up complacent church staff to do the hard work of laying down their lives to nurture genuinely Christian, returning prisoners.
  • Declaring war on International sex traffickers importing exploited young women right into your city and establishing a vibrant, courageous organization to combat them.
  • Effectively adopt & support and even travel yearly to a church start-up in Nigeria, Indonesia, or Bolivia.
  • Choose a city in Africa where the ravages of the Prosperity Gospel have taken root and fund a sound group of churches to undo the damage.
  • Help to set up an institution to rescue young, Indian girls from the Prostitution caste into which they were born.
  • For the daring among you, create conferences in Istanbul to proclaim the Supremacy of Christ over all of life.
If any of these goals is appealing to you, James Hunter’s book, To Change the World can point the way for you to connect with others to at least try to accomplish these works to impact the world for good. Tomorrow: a look at some of the foundational propostions of the book.

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