Friday, March 26, 2010

Germination of To Change the World

Many have been waiting for this book from Dr. Hunter for almost a decade. The foundational ideas of To Change the World ( ) were brought to light at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of The Trinity Forum ( ) in Denver, Colorado in June 2002. At that meeting, Dr. James Hunter presented five propositions upon which his talk about changing the world was based.

 prop·o·si·tion –noun
1. The act of offering or suggesting something to be considered, accepted, adopted, or done.
2. Anything stated or affirmed for discussion or illustration.
3. Rhetoric. A statement of the subject of an argument or a discourse, or of the course of action or essential idea to be advocated.
4. Logic. A statement in which something is affirmed or denied, so that it can therefore be significantly characterized as either true or false.

Proposition One: Culture is a resource and as such, a form of power.
Proposition Two: Culture is produced.
Proposition Three: Cultural production is stratified in a rigid structure of “center” and “periphery.”
Proposition Four: Cultures change from the top down; rarely if ever from the bottom up.
Proposition Five: World-changing is most intense when the networks of elites and the institutions they lead overlap.

Next week, I’ll be fleshing out the five propostions, which I suspect will be challenging to your current worldview. You can read a transcipt of James Hunter’s 2002 talk here:

And, BTW, if I've whet your appetite for this book, Justin Taylor -- that copycat -- is also blogging about the book here:

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