Thursday, July 06, 2006

The envy of archangels

From The Night of Weeping, The Morning of Joy by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889)

At present, our responses to affliction and distress are one of the best opportunities for glorifying God. [[you can only suffer for this short time on Earth, so you might as well enjoy it]] It is on earth that He expects to get glory from trials; glory that angels can never give Him, glory we can't give Him later on in the sheer joy of Eternal Life. It is here that we are to preach to angels; it is here we are to show these angelic spectators what a glorious God is ours. But it is especially in sorrow and under infirmity that God looks for glory from us. What a God-honoring thing to see a struggling, sorrowing child of earth cleave fast to God, calmly trusting in Him, happy and at rest in the midst of storm and of suffering! What a spectacle for the hosts of Heaven! Let us prize affliction as the very time and opportunity for honoring and magnifying the Grace of God. Let's use this season well. To think that our afflictions might be coveted by archangels. They can glorify God much in Heaven amid its glory and blessedness, but oh, not half so much as we can on earth amid suffering and weaknesses!

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