Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Song to our Precious Holy Spirit of Christ

Inspired by the book, THE BLOOD OF JESUS by William Reid, © 1866

The Holy Spirit reveals Christ; He makes us to in part understand the attributes of Jesus, enjoy Jesus, and feed upon Him. He bears witness to Christ, takes of the things of Christ, and patiently reveals them to us. He is the power of our communion, the agent of our eternal seal, our Teacher of God's Words, the witness to the Son, the earnest of God, the unction in effectual preaching. His agency on our behalf is crucial. Without the precious Spirit of Christ, we can't see, we can't hear, we can't know, we can't do. Without Him, we have no affections for Jesus, ourselves, or others.; no joy, nor even Life Itself. Oh, Holy Spirit, thank you for your hard work drawing our hard hearts toward Jesus.

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