Friday, July 14, 2006

The deep sight of Our Father

Excerpted from the chapter on the Sovereignty of God in CHRISTIAN MEDITATIONS
by Thomas Reade 1841

A sparrow cannot fall to the ground apart from the Sovereignty of God. The very hairs of our heads are all numbered – we should be very composed no matter what happens. The reins of the whole universe, seen and unseen, are in the hands of Infinite Love, and that Infinite Love has been set on His people from Eternity. This vast cosmos in every detail is guided by His Infinite Wisdom and Power. Our Father of Lights cannot be taken by surprise. Nothing unforeseen can cross His purposes or thwart His designs. Everything and all contingencies are open to his view.

All hearts, too, lie naked before him. He knows all the restless, perplexed thoughts of men. He knows every motive, the cause of every action. The thoughts and desires [[both righteous and corrupt]] deeply buried in our hearts, are clearly perceived by his all-searching eye. By Him actions are weighed. He tests the spirits. He searches the imaginations, and the heart (Jeremiah 17:10), that, as the Righteous Judge of all, he may render unto every man according to his work.

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