Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back after Connecting Hiatus

A little over two years ago, having deemphasized my nightly reading of the dead, English puritans, I closed down this blog of Puritan paraphrases. I'm reopening it today! It was my hope that, by now, it would be written by a group of men with whom I would be laboring full-time in effective ministry. I ventured out in an attempt to connect with like-minded men to bear fruit to the Glory of the Father via good works. I'm not back with a group of men, BUT I've learned a lot about the possibilites & challenges of connections within the Body of Christ and my hope of a group-blog is simmering on a back burner.
I will be posting primarily about two subjects in the coming months:

1) My experiences attempting to connect with the Body of Christ to do ministry and some analysis and pointers to well-written links of how Christians can connect to minister to this Society together. I thank the Spirit of Christ that there is much bubbling up on this front these days, especially inter-denominationally.

2) Piggybacking on James Davison Hunter's just-published book, To Change the World, I want to draft posts about how Christians can rethink power and the creation of new, powerful institutions with the goal of Christians working together to transform and impact this disintegrating world. I hope you enjoy it enough to return often.


randymorgan said...

welcome back, ed. i cannot wait to follow you as your thoughts unfold. i fully expect to be challenged and encouraged as we undertake this "virtual" journey together. you are a choice brother.

ed elliott said...

Thanks dear Randy. Pray that I can be faithful to do the hard work to make this blog sing.