Friday, March 02, 2007

The Natural man and the Spiritual man

Excerpted from Jonathan Edward’s Miscellaneous Observations on Important Theological Subjects

The Bible calls men without saving grace and the Holy Spirit, natural men. We are instructed that these natural men cannot discern, or receive spiritual things (1COR. 2:14). The spiritual man is, in essence, the converted man, mysteriosly placed in union with Christ, who has the Spirit of Christ living inside him. [all of these modern people who declare that they are “spiritual,” but not religious are not spiritual at all unless they have the Spirit of Christ living inside them]. Although the natural man concerns himself with many difficulties inside himself and from outside himself, he does not even perceive a fundamental tragedy about himself: without the Spirit of Christ, even the words to describe the Glory or God or the joys of our riches in Christ are without meaning. Words and ideas from the Scripture are as colors to a blind man.

The godly man having the planting of the Holy Spirit to enliven him, can perceive spiritual reality and even relish it. Often, we who have been given this magnificent gift of the Spirit of Christ living inside us, should thank God profoundly.

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