Thursday, March 01, 2007

If we had been consulted

Excerpted from the sermon, God’s Ways above Mens’ by Edward Payson (published 1831)

One way in which God’s ways and His thoughts are shown to be far, far above ours is the way God has permitted the introduction of natural and moral evil and permits it to continue. Although He could have certainly established reality differently, and forbid the fall of angels first, and then men, His superior ways have allowed the rebellion of angels and men and the attendant suffering of both. Not only did He permit the introduction of natural and moral evil, He allows it to go on longer than many good men can bear. If we had been consulted, many would counsel Him not to allow the variable of sin to even enter the world, or if it must, then certainly it should be banished more quickly. [God’s Glory is best exalted by what is, and thank God, He consults no mere man or angel. His Son is glorified and exalted above everything and is all in all].

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