Monday, May 15, 2006

This Precious Faith

From CHRISTIAN MEDITATIONS, chapter 2  by Thomas Reade 1841

Do I indeed have this precious faith Peter speaks of, this faith of God's elect? It is the gift of God; it is of the operation of the Spirit; Jesus is the author and finisher of it. Oh! blessed Trinity in unity, three persons in one Divine Essence, undivided, immutable, self-existent, and eternal [applying this Grace to my heart and soul]. Without this most precious faith, I cannot please you. Without it, I can never approach you with acceptance. If hidden in Christ through this precious faith, I am ALWAYS precious in your sight [an eternal vessel of grace]; if out of Christ, I am a vessel of wrath, as fuel for the everlasting burning!  Please don't delay, then, blessed Lord, to impart this precious gift of justifying grace- working by love. Work in me all the good pleasure of your goodness and power, that, going on from strength to strength, from conquering to conquer, I may [infused by Your Grace] rise superior to all my foes, glorify you here in the beauty of holiness, and shine forever as the sun in the kingdom of my Father.

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