Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jesus, FULL of Grace

From the book, GRACE AND TRUTH by Octavius Winslow (19th Century England)

Is there anything this side of glory so lovely and precious as the grace of Jesus.  He came to us as John tells us overflowing with grace.  There is more of the Father, and more of heaven, and more of divine joy, unfolded and experienced in one drop of Jesus' grace than in ten thousand worlds like this.  

When your soul was newly-quickened, you felt the gentle creek of grace and you "tasted that the Lord was gracious." Grateful for early refreshing but longing for more, you followed the creek to the stream and drank deeper. Not satisfied with this, but longing to explore the glorious and deep mysteries of Jesus' grace, you traced the stream to the broad river to joyfully commune more with the grace of Jesus.  And you plunged, thinking you had at last found the source of Graces' eternal spring, forgetting that this river is but the introduction to an ocean, the bottomless, infinite ocean of the Heart of God pouring Love and Grace to His Son so He in all ways keeps overflowing in grace.

Such is the grace of Jesus: Divine, Infinite and inexhaustible in its supply. "Of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace."

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marc said...

Going deep with the Puritans is one of my favorite pastimes. What an excellent, God exalting site you have here. I love the Valley of Vision and I see you are posting from that s well. Keep up the good work...
BTW, do you still have BBQ sauce under your fingernails, I do!