Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Church is Global

As one who loves and appreciates and works towards healthy local churches, the following is a bit jarring, but the author has been thinking about the church globally for a long time and I find his thinking provocative and worthwhile:

"I tell our church planters all the time, ignore the church, forget it - don’t be obsessed by it, it’s a waste of time. Everyone wants to re-invent it, reform it, fix it, create a new model of it as if it started with them, their ideas, and their context. Instead make disciples and engage glocally. There’s another lie - if everyone will do church like me, then the whole church will be healthy. Church - however you do it - is a reflection of your disciples."

For more, browse this site and get a taste of its saltiness: Globally and Locally, Glocal Net

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