Saturday, July 17, 2010

Missionaries in Delaware

One current emphasis of this blog is to showcase Christians as they learn to do the hard work of working together to either spread the Good News of the Glory of Christ or work together to make an impact with mercy ministry. I so appreciate the spread of the Gospel being done in our generation by the churches that comprise Sovereign Grace Ministries. I'm linking here to good efforts in Delaware.

The CONCLUSION is below; the whole post is here: Gospel Mission in Delaware

In summary…Today we learned that as Christians and as a church our mission requires teamwork, faithfulness and confidence.

First, we learned that our mission together requires teamwork. God advances the Gospel in specific locations through people working together as a team. Therefore we should be confident that God will advance the Gospel here through us as we work together as a team.

Secondly, we learned that our mission together requires faithfulness. We are not responsible for conversions, God is. Just be faithful to share the Gospel as God gives opportunity

Finally, we learned that our mission together requires confidence. We should be confident in God’s plan. As in Corinth – God has many people to save in this city. He is committed to save them. Therefore we can and should confidently proclaim Christ!

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