Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FYI-The Agora in Malaysia

This is one of the more interesting uses of the Internet to empower Malaysian Christians. It has been around for a long time. I've copied their Vision and Mission statement from their main blog site:

The Agora: Vision Statement

"The Agora Ministry seeks to inspire & train laypeople in the marketplace to live out and proclaim the lordship of Christ over every domain of their life."


As a grassroots movement, the Agora seeks to encourage Christians in Malaysia to develop a robust and biblical worldview in which we fulfill our different vocations in the public square.

The church in Malaysia faces contemporary challenges to her life and mission in areas such as ethics, modern science, religious pluralism, church-state relations, culture, relativism, economics etc.

It is our conviction that the great challenge for the Church today is the call to engage contemporary culture in a constructive and critical manner through a biblically faithful vision.

Unless we do so, the Church’s witness for Christ suffers.

There is a lot to learn from them just by studying their six-year old blog: The Agora

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