Friday, April 06, 2007

Christ, our Endless Fountain of Affection

Excerpt from the Sermon, The Preciousness of Christ by Octavius Winslow (1808-1878)

Reflect on Christ’s perfect humanity that went to the Cross for the Glory of His Father and the redemption of men - a humanity free from sin, and therefore capable of dying for the ungodly, -a humanity laden with sorrow, and therefore capable of sympathizing with us when we are burdened.

Precious to our hearts as God- precious as Man- precious as both united in One- inconceivably and eternally precious. His name is "Wonderful," to us who believe. When other human friendships fade, and other human love is chilled, and other human sympathy is exhausted, you may look to the Finisher of your faith, and find in Him an evergreen, a permanent stream, an endless, pure fountain of unchanged affection, tenderness, and sympathy, meeting and satisfying, to their utmost capacity, your heart's deep pantings.

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Jennifer said...


That was just what I've needed to read - particularly this past week. Thank you so much for putting that up. May Christ be our hearts' satisfaction!