Friday, March 23, 2007

The Blessing of Waiting long on the Lord

Excerpted from Waiting on God by Andrew Murray (1828–1917)

You say, I have waited for Him a very long time, yet He does not give the help I seek. There is a double answer. The one is this. God is a wise husbandman, who "waits for the precious fruit of the earth, and has long patience in waiting for it (James 5:7). He cannot gather the fruit until it is ripe. He knows when we are spiritually ready to receive the blessing to our profit and His glory. Waiting in the sunshine of His love is what will ripen the soul for His blessing. Waiting under the cloud of trial, that breaks in showers of blessing, is as necessary. Be assured that if God waits longer than you would wish, it is only to make the blessing doubly precious. God waited four thousand years, until the fullness of time, before He sent His Son. Our times are in His hands.

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