Friday, February 09, 2007

Every generation must pray against indifference

Written by Robert Murray Mc’Cheyne in 1838.

There is nothing more distressing in our day than the lack of growth among the children of God. They do not seem to be pressing forward; they do not seem to be running a race; they don't perceive the spiritual war on Earth and in the Heavenlies. When I compare this year with last year, alas! where is the difference?—the same weakness, same coldness and even more indifference toward divine things.

How different when the Spirit is poured out! They will become like willows beside the river. You have seen the willow, how it grows—not stopping day or night, ever growing, ever shooting out new branches. Cut it down—it springs again. Ah! so will it be, dear Christians, when there is an outpouring by the Spirit of Christ, the wind filling our sails.

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