Saturday, January 13, 2007

On Longing for a Better Country

By Thomas Manton from the book by Charles H. Spurgeon, Illustrations and Meditations: Flowers from a Puritan's Garden

Our spirits within us are restrained like a fish in a pail which would rather be at liberty in the ocean. We are pent up longing for a larger estate – to be filled with all the fullness of God. We feel cribbed, cabined, and confined as our renewed spirits desire a nobler sphere of activity. We are like the infant chick pecking at its shell eager to break through to a bigger realm. Be thankful for these pangs because your renewed heart will indeed experience the perfection of the saints and enjoy face to face communion with God. How sad if you were satisfied with this broken world in the midst of these lower things. [You are made for a much better country, where there is not even need for sun or moon but where you will delight and luxuriate in the light of the Lamb.]


Cal Wallace said...

That holiness which we have now, makes us look and long for more; and surely this desire after holiness was never designed for our torment; there must be something to answer to the desire excited.

Be glad, because of this desire! If you were now content, there would be in you no sign or evidence of the glory yet to be revealed. Your groanings promise greater things.

ed elliott said...

Amen, dear Pastor...let us groan and serve the Lord with Gladness.