Sunday, January 07, 2007

Not at Home + Bonus discovery

Excerpt from the book pictured there to the left.

Heaven is now the believer's native country. Here he is out of his proper place. We are exiles in spirit while at home here in the body. We will not be truly at home until we reach the land we can't now see. We are living paradoxes and contradictions and thus it is no wonder that men of this world cannot understand us --- we hardly know ourselves.

BONUS: Please Read. One of my favorite discoveries recently has been how to harness "Google Book Search" to find old gems.

Google is scanning in thousands of books from approximately 10 major libraries including UVa, Harvard, a major British Library, and the New York Public Library. Many of these works are collections of sermons from the 1800s and anthologies of sermons from the 1700s. There are gems awaiting your discovery. Many are available as .PDF downloads if they are in the public domain, as most sermon collections are.

This link will take you to the "Advanced Search" page of Google Book Search: I suggest that you click on "Full View books." Since you are retrieving mostly sermons from the 1800s and anthologies of sermons from the 1700s, use the KJV. Type in part of a KJV verse that you find intrigueing and peruse the sermons that come up.

Or, just search by words or phrases like you would "google" anything. The real gem I used for this post came up when I asked for a search on "Thomas Manton." Enjoy.,M1


Ched said...

Good quote. Thanks for the info. regarding the old book search. Very resourcefull.

Jeremiah Fyffe said...

Thank you for the great resource. I made sure to link to your article and post what I found alread just in the preface (Thomas Merton - Illustrations and Meditations).

ed elliott said...


thanx for the comment...please don't confuse the venerable Puritan Thomas Manton with mystic, Thomas Merton...enjoy the gems from Google Book Search.