Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jesus is a Patient, Kind, Gentle Refiner

Excerpted from Helps from the Pulpit, or Sketches and Skeltons of Sermons by William Nicholson, 1862

Christ sits and watches by the furnace He has put you in as the Great Refiner. He manages the whole process wisely and with compassion. He sits there to regulate the heat, comforting you, while keeping in mind your particular infirmities and weaknesses. He watches as the dross is drained to accomplish improvement in your soul, your graces, and your practice, conforming you further to His Image.

Real gold receives no injury from fire, only the removal of dross reduces its size. Pure gold does not lose one grain of dross. In the Day of His Coming, when He will sit as a Refiner, in a Day of deep distress and great tribulation, as the Church is refined it will be made less in bulk and quantity, yet in quality it will shine more gloriously and purely, and be more precious to God.

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Beth said...

I didn't know you had a blog til you commented on mine recently. I'm enjoying reading these posts. Thanks for sharing such rich fare with us. I need it!

D and A got here safely this afternoon. What a treat to have your winsome kids with us. Wish you and L were here, too.
Lots of love,
St. Beth ;)