Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Our Wonder-Filled Privileges as Those Called To Love God

A summary from True Lovers of God Highly Privileged: or, The Great Comfort of Believers in the Co-Operation of All Things for Their Good by Ralph Erskine, a sermon preached in 1647

Our love to God is rooted in God’s everlasting love to us!

All the attributes of God work for our good. His infinite wisdom, infinite goodness, infinite power, holiness, justice, infinity, eternity, unchangeableness, and faithfulness works for our good! This truth should take your breath away.

His grace is sufficient for us; His wisdom determines our paths: His power protects us or brings us to Him if we should die; His holiness sanctifies us; His unchangeableness consoles us; His Spirit of Truth leads us into all truth; His eternal existence guarantees our eternal happiness; His mercies toward us are new every morning and will come at us like ocean waves one after the other forever!

Not only all of His attributes work on our behalf, but so do His works. And again, not only all his works, but all his Words work for our good. In short, all the threatenings of the Word are for our motivation; all the promises of the Word are for our joy and consolation; all the precepts of the Word are for our direction and growth in wisdom & understanding; all the doctrines of the Word are for our instruction; and every story recorded in the Word, and every jot & title are for our edification. Again, not only all the Words and works of God work for our good, but also the very thoughts and purposes of God.

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