Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finite Deliberations

From Stephen Charnock's Discourses on the Existence and Attributes of God – ON HIS WISDOM.

The rays of Divine wisdom are too bright for our human understandings.  It is corrupt to set up finite reason against infinite wisdom; more corrupt to set up a depraved reason against an all-seeing and pure wisdom. All our censures of God’s revelations rise from some biased opinion or traditional convention that enthrone themselves in our minds.  Corrupt, limited, biased human understanding arbitrates the Ordinances of God, then receives or rejects them. This greatly dishonors the Infinite Wisdom of God [[especially when practiced by His immature children]]. God's beautiful decrees silence the minds of men.  We may sooner reach the sun or grasp a star than fully understand the deliberations of Eternity.

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