Friday, December 23, 2005

The Wondrous Exchange

From GOD-ALL SUFFICIENT in Arthur Bennet's Valley of Vision.

At the Wondrous Cross, an EXCHANGE:
My unworthiness for Your Worthiness
My brokenness and emptiness for Your Fullness
My weakness for Your Strength
My continual vulnerability for Your Protections
My sinfulness for Your Sinlessness
My impurity for Your Purity
My self-deceit for Your Sincerity and Truth
My pride for Your Meekness and Humility
My self-exaltation for Your Lowliness
My natural ugliness for Your Essential Loveliness
My inconsistency for Your Steadfastness
My enmity and hostilities for Your Love
My lawlessness for Your Obedience
My lack of love for Your All-Encompassing Love
My dullness for Your Intense Devotion
My inabilities to love the Father for your moment-to-moment Love for Him
My natural enmity to God for Your Righteousness
My dead soul and dying flesh for Your Life
My former terrifying eternal state to be with You forever.

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